FDIs are valuable to both developing and developed countries, as these investments create international economic integration by creating stable and long-lasting links between economies and countries.

A Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) entails an investment that a firm or individual makes in a business interest located in a country outside of their own country. One significant benefit of global business is that money flows from one country and is invested in companies in other countries, thereby promoting international trade through access to foreign markets and acting as a panacea for developing countries to scale up to economic development.

We at GADSOME shall solicit partnering with foreign investors, for rewarding returns on investment in about twenty-four (24) months projected time from the commencement of our operations as well as through venture capital using our equity investment platform for fundraising for project expansion and growth.

In the area of our agriculture business, there is a readiness international market for our quality farm produce in Singapore, where we are proposing to launch our international market presence and success.