Welcome to Gadsome Integrated Resources Limited (GADSOME) Whistleblowing Platform

At GADSOME, we maintain a culture of zero-tolerance for the commission or concealment of fraudulent, illegal, and unethical practices across our operations and products distribution network; including infractions of its business principles as well as other ethics-related policies of the Company. The Company believes strongly in proactively preventing fraud as well as implementing effective controls to detect fraudulent activities and misconduct. To this extent, management and the Board of the Company have adopted a whistleblowing policy (“Policy”).

Our Whistleblowing Policy takes into consideration the need for transparent, timely and secured reporting of all unethical activities. We have put up this website to allow Customers and non-customers including staff can report all illegal and unethical activities in a safe, confidential, secure, and anonymous manner via any of our reporting channels. Hence, we are committed to high standards of ethical, moral, and legal business conduct. Consequently, we have developed this Policy in line with best practice, which requires that organisations should have a whistleblowing policy that is transparent to all stakeholders.

This Policy applies to all employees and prospective employees, contract/support staff, vendors, service providers, financial partners, and other stakeholders of the Company.

Whistleblowing Reporting Channels and Ethics Hotline

Would you like to report a case of theft, damage to GADSOME infrastructure/equipment and any illegal activities or misconduct? If yes; <br>

Give us a call: (234) 802 707 6765, (234) 805 566 5029
Send us an email: whistleblowing@gadsome.com

Under this policy, you are encouraged to make a report if you have significant concerns about any aspect of service provision, or the conduct of the organisation’s directors, managers, employees, consultants, contractors, or suppliers (or any other parties acting on behalf of GADSOME) which may:

  • Assault of GADSOME staff on official duty
  • Be unlawful
  • Breach of the Company’s policies
  • The use of the company’s assets for personal purposes and unofficial use without due authorization
  • Any form of criminal activity
  • Breach of established standards of practice
  • Vandalism of the Company’s equipment
  • Be a miscarriage of justice
  • Endanger an individual’s health and safety
  • Diversion of Company’s products for personal gain
  • Cause damage to the environment
  • Any form of financial malpractice including fraud, bribery, unethical conduct, extortion, embezzlement, or misappropriation of funds
  • Failure to comply with any legal, professional obligation or regulatory requirements
  • Activities that may constitute bribery or corruption in breach of any relevant laws or the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

The deliberate concealment of information relating to any of the above can and should be reported under this policy.

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Assurance to Whistle blower

No. You will not be victimized for reporting a concern under the Policy regardless of the outcome, provided that the report was made in good faith and to the appropriate authority/person.

Yes. You can make reports without revealing your identity.